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Free Consultation for Accident & Injury Victims

St. Paul Lawyer to Help Answer Questions About Insurance Recovery

If you were injured in an accident and are looking for a lawyer to help you, you’ve likely seen the words “free consultation” on just about every advertisement you have seen. You may be wondering what happens at a free consultation and concerned that it’s going to be a high-pressure sales-pitch.

At Schmitz Law Office, you deal directly with me, Bill Schmitz. I do not have a staff or secretaries. I answer my own phone to be as accessible as possible to my clients.

What Happens in a Free Initial Consultation?

During our first meeting, my main goal is to provide answers to your questions whether you have a few or a hundred. I understand that you were thrown into this situation and it can all feel overwhelming.

We begin the process by simply reviewing what happened to you; how you were injured, where you were at the time of the injury, what you did immediately after, and anything else you remember about the accident. Our main goal of the consultation is to help you understand how Minnesota injury law applies to your accident or injury, and your options for moving forward with your claim. I will not pressure you to sign the agreement at the meeting. I want you to feel completely comfortable with the entire process.

What Happens After the Consultation?

If you decide you would like to hire me, I will get to work right away. I will ask some guiding questions to help you recall key details so we can start a written record of your recollection. I also will start collecting all available evidence that will prove helpful to your case. It’s critical to gather and preserve evidence as quickly as possible; in the case of an auto accident, I will work to obtain:

  • Witness testimony from anyone else involved in or who saw the accident
  • Police reports
  • Physical evidence at the actual accident scene (skid marks, broken glass, impact points)
  • Pictures of injuries and damaged property, etc

How Do I Pay for a Lawyer?

I work for my clients on what is called a “Contingency” basis; which means that you paying me is “contingent” on me securing a settlement for you. Put simply, if we do not win, you do not pay. I am paid a percentage of the recovery that I secure on your behalf. I will fight for what is right, fair, and what you deserve.

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