Win at Minnesota Supreme Court

Supreme Court Case Win - Securing Services for Disabled Client

I will not stop fighting for the benefits you deserve

When you choose me to represent you after an accident, your case is prepared as if it’s going to court so that the insurance company knows to take the claim seriously.  Most of the time the case does not end up actually going to court.  However, there are cases where the insurance company simply refuses to pay all or a part of the benefits owed and the case goes to court.  In very rare situations, there is a point of law in the case that needs to be settled by a higher court, or an appeals court.  

In 2015, I handled a case for a woman who was severely injured in an auto accident that went through multiple appeals before the case was finally decided by the Minnesota Supreme Court.  The main issue in the case was a provision in Minnesota’s No-Fault law that allows for injured people to recover money for household services that they were unable to perform because of their injuries.  Typically someone would hire this work out and then be reimbursed as part of their settlement.  

Unfortunately, my client was unable to pay for those services, and did not have anyone living with her, or near her who could handle the daily or weekly chores for her.  We argued that because the law states that an injured person would receive “the expense or the reasonable value” that she was entitled to receive the funds that would have covered those expenses.

The insurance company fought back stating that because the services were not ever actually provided that she did would not claim those benefits even though she paid for them through her insurance premiums. I argued that she was still entitled to the “reasonable value” under the law. The Minnesota Supreme Court agreed, and awarded my client her rightful benefits, plus our costs for the appeals.  

While the actual legal precedent set by this case is fairly complex, I believe that the case illustrates two main principles that I hope you will consider when deciding on who to hire to handle your case: 

  1. I will not stop fighting for my clients until they have received every dollar that they are entitled to receive under Minnesota law.
  2. I have the experience and legal expertise to out-research and out-work the lawyers at the insurance companies to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, and have questions about your medical bills, no-fault insurance or any other element of your financial or physical recovery, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I provide a free initial consultation to all new clients and am happy to answer your questions over the phone or at a location that is convenient to you.